1. Registration

Please fill out a Registration Form. Your information is needed to get an access to an auction such as your name, country, and E-mail address.

Get auction access

2. Get access to the auction tool

After the Registration is done, you will get an auction access.

Make Deposit

3. Make deposit

US$1,000 deposit is needed to bid at an auction. Telegraphic Transfer and PayPal are acceptable to make a deposit. We will refund the deposit when you would like to cancel making a bid. Your deposit will be refund within 2 working days after you request the cancellation.

Agency Fee

4. Agency fee

We will provide you the best rate based on the region.

Bid on cars

5. Bid on cars

You can bid at an auction after we confirm your deposit. You can bid any vehicle at an auction. Our sales staff will inform you the result of an auction.

 Win a car and make payment

6. Win a car and make payment

Our sales staff will send you an Invoice when you win a car. We will inform you the latest shipping schedule later. After the whole payment is finished, we will make arrangements of the shipment.

 Your car will be shipped

7. Your car will be shipped

All necesaary documents will be sent to you after your car is shipped. You will get those documents before the vessel arrives at a port.

Proceed to the Registration Page,
if you understand the above process.