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Spare Parts

Used Parts
Royal Trading Co., LTD exports Japanese used car parts to many countries worlwide like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Trinidada and Tobago, Middle East and Africa. If you would like to import some parts and start a used car parts business, we would be happy to assist you. We will provide an effective business model for you.
Used cars, nose cuts, half cuts, engines, transmissions, tires, lights, brakes, suspensions, doors, bumpers, fenders, trucks, forklifts and construction machinery.
* Other than those above, we export a variety of vehicles and parts.

How to Buy Used Car Parts?

1. Purchase a car for parts

Choose a car from our stock list. Or, buy a car from auction.

2. Tell us dismentling method of cars

#1: Remove engine, suspension, bumpers, and tires from a body.
Put the body and parts into a shipping container.
[4 bodies and parts can be loaded into a 40ft container.]

#2: Cut a body in half between front seat and rear seat.
[16-18 half cuts can be loaded into a 40ft container.]

#3: Other methods would be possible

How to Load Bodies and Parts?

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