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Our Gurantee Service

Our Gurantee Service

What is Royal Trading's Guarantee Service ??

Our guarantee service will provide you with specialized guaranted coverage for the accidental damages which your purchased vehicles may encounter during the overseas voyage to your country.

How to apply ?

You can apply for our Guarantee Service from your purchase order screen. When applied, Service Charge will be automatically added to the FOB price of the vehicle. Check the charge amount on your purchase order screen.

The Guarantee

You can receive guarantee for the loss and/or damage by either the following;

The Guaranteed Transportation Period

The guaranted transportation period of this service shall continue throughout the overseas voyage and end at the earliest time of the following:

Warranty Option Charge

Selling price Under US$4,999 US$100
Selling price US$5,000~US$9,999 US$150
Selling price US$10,000~US$19,999 US$350
Selling price Over US$20,000 ASK

Royal Trading Original Warranty Option

Mechanical Issues Damage Issues Missing Items Theft of parts
Warranty Option O O O O
No Warranty
X No Claims X No Claims X No Claims X No Claims
Coverage area is extended to the delivery point where you or your representative receive your car, but not just until a port of discharge !!
DAMAGE ISSUES Non pre-existing damage FOB amount
However, maximum limit is USD 2,000
DAMAGE ISSUES Engine problem FOB amount
However, maximum limit is USD 2,000
Transmission problem FOB amount
However, maximum limit is USD 2,000
Electrical problem FOB amount
However, maximum limit is USD 2,000
Remote Key US$200
Basic Key US$50
GPS US$300
Audio US$200
Wheel cap (per cap) US$10
Jack US$10
Wheel spanner US$10
Spare Tire (per tire) US$50
Rear spare tire cover Hard type (per tire) US$100
Rear spare tire cover Soft type (per tire) US$30
Emblem (One Price) US$20
Antenna US$20
Shift Knob US$20
Windscreen Wiper (per set) US$20
Powered window switch US$50
Head rest (per head rests) US$30
Other Parts ASK

NOT Covered Expendable Parts

Oil and Fluids X
Filters Oil/Fuel/Air/AC X
Batteries X
Brakes Pad/Rotor/Shoe/Drum X
Clutch X
Belts Fan/AC/Power stering/Timing belt X
Bulbs and Lamp X
Tires X
Suspensions and Bush and boot Arm/CV/Steering rack/Ball joint X
Spark Plugs X
Wiper Blade and Rubber X
Other Expendable Parts X

The Engine Transmission & Electric Components Breakdown Coverage

Purchased vehicles with the Premium Package that match the below description will be guaranteed breakdown of the Engines and/or Transmissionduring the overseas voyage. The loss and/or damage will be assessed and verified guaranted under sthe sole discretion of Royal Trading.
The vehicle must match the following description a) Vehicle with proper inspection of the parts conducted before shipment from Japan.
b) Vehicle with total mileage under 150,000km before shipment.(Odometer reading must be correct)
c) Vehicle with production in Japan since 1991
Maximum Guaranteed Amount USD 2000 per vehicle
Exclusions a) Breakdown attributed to any known damage before the shipment from Japan.
b) Breakdown attributed to ordinary wear and tear.
c) Breakdown attributed to inherent vice or nature.
d) Breakdown attributed to fault or defect of past repairs and/or maintenance.
e) Breakdown attributed to faulty design or defective materials.
f) Breakdown of Expendable Parts and/or Items.
g) Breakdown attributed to rust and oxidation.
h) Breakdown attributed to recall from the manufacturer of the vehicle.
List of Expendable Parts and Items (Excluded from the guarantee).
a) Any break down attributed to loss of fluids, without external damage during the Guaranteed Period (including but not limited to gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and radiator coolant)
c) Breaks (including but not limited to to Pad, Rotor, Shoe, and Drum)
d) Belts (including but not limited to Fan, A/C, and Power Steering Belt)
e) Batteries
f) Filters (including but not limited to Oil, Fuel, Air, and A/C)
g) Fuse, Coil, Plugs
h) Decay and Deterioration of rubber parts (including but not limited to seals and window wiper blades)

Special Coverage for Interior

If the interior of your purchased vehicle is seriously damaged by accidents during the Guaranteed Period, complete exchange of the damaged interior parts or item is guaranteed. The damage will be verified under the sole discretion of Royal Trading.
Maximum Guaranteed Amount US$1000

Special Coverage for Road Service

If your purchased vehicle’s has troubles originated to accidents during our inland delivery arrangements of road services (EG: Car transporters to your local repair shops) and dispatch of repair technicians will be provided.
Losses and/or damages NOT COVERED by this service
Any damage of the vehicle which is deemed to have occurred prior to the purchase and shipment
Loss, Damage, Theft, Pilferage, and/or Non Delivery of any EXPENDABLE parts and/or items
Loss, Damage, Theft, Pilferage, and/or Non Delivery of any parts and/or items that are not genuine products of the automobile manufacturer
Loss, damage and/or expense caused by inherent vice or nature of the vehicle
Loss, damage and/or expense caused by delay, even though the delay has been caused by a risk covered by this service
Deliberate damage to, or deliberate destruction of the vehicle or any part thereof by the wrongful act of any person or persons
Loss, damage and/or expense directly of indirectly caused by or arising from the use of any weapon or device employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter
Loss damage or expense which are intentionally made by a third-party (excluding theft and pilferage)
Loss damage or expense caused directly or indirectly by earthquake ,volcanic eruption and/or accidents (including tidal waves and fire) arising therefrom
Loss of life or personal injury of any person whomsoever, or for damage to any property whatsoever, when vehicle is driven under it's own power
Any expenses incurred by the customer during vehicle trouble, including hotel fees and loaner car fees.
In case of Accidents / How to make Claims
Step 1 Immediately check for loss and/or damage after receiving the vehicle. Any claims made after 7 days from the day of the delivery will be not guaranteed by this service.
Step 2 If loss and/or damage is discovered, immediately contact Royal Trading or their agents. Preserve the vehicle in their original damaged condition. Any unpermitted disposal or repair may result into unpayable of the guarantee service.
Step 3 Take multiple photos of the damaged section in details from different angles, clearly showing the condition of the damage.
Step 4 Download the Damage Report from this site and fully fill the requested information as per instruction in details as possible. Any unanswered questions may result into futher verification.
Step 5 Submit the following data to Royal Trading.
a) Damage Report
b) Photos of the damage
c) Port Report (if issued by port authority)
d) Repair Quotation and/or Invoice (upon request from Royal Trading)
Step 6 Royal Trading will verify and evaluate the loss and/or damage. The verification and decision if the loss and/or damage is subject to the guarantee service will be conducted under the sole discretion of Royal Trading.
Step 7 If deemed by Royal Trading as subject to this service, compensation and/or reimbursement will be made from Royal Trading.