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  • 2002 TOYOTA Hiace


    Mile: 165,067 km
    Eng: 2,490cc
    Fuel: PETROL
    Trans: 5MT
    Price: $5,760

  • 2002 TOYOTA Hiace

    2005 TOYOTA ISIS

    Mile: 130,839 km
    Eng: 1,990cc
    Fuel: PETROL
    Trans: AT
    Price: $220

  • 2002 TOYOTA Hiace

    2002 TOYOTA IST

    Mile: 82,565 km
    Eng: 1,290cc
    Fuel: PETROL
    Trans: AT
    Price: $580


RT EAST AFRICA LIMITED is responding to the increasing demand for Japanese used cars in East Africa by importing high-quality used cars and vehicles directly from Japan.
We are located at Regent Estate, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam on the New Bagamoyo Road. If you are coming from town, it is 600 meters from the Morocco junction towards Mwenge on the right side, one house before the Indian restaurant, "ANGHITI".

You'll find a vehicle that you really want to get when you check our stock. It's because we always see what vehicles are needed, and we carefully select the cars in a good condition from the auction markets every day. We also purchase many cars from the owners directly. That's why we provide a lot of cars in a good condition with low prices.

You'll get our quick response although ther's a time difference between your country and Japan. We believe that communication is one of the most important things when we deal through the Internet. We give you all information about your purchase as soon as we get it, such as the inspection, booking, and shipping. So, you'll never feel worrisome from first to last. Please don't hesitate to ask us any question.

You'll see how good our services are when you receive your car safely. Please note that our services are not only until you receive your car, but we also give you good services after that.
We take good care of your car in the long term.